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Welcome to the official Dental Office Manager web site. If you are looking for dental software that is comprehensive, yet easy to learn and use, check out our site for information about Dental Office Manager Studio, the powerful dental management system that adapts to you. Click For User Feedback

Applied Computer Concepts has been serving the dental community for over 20 years... we've been around since personal computers were first brought into dental practices. ACC introduced Dental Office Manager in 1986 to a small group of local dentists, using the then brand new Macintosh. We grew, added clients coast to coast, and in the 90's released Dental Office Manager II, our first product which offered cross-platform capabilities that allowed us to include offices that wanted to run MS Windows.

In 2004 we announced our newest product; Dental Office Manager Studio. Unlike some of our competitors, we haven't been sold out, or changed hands; we're not returning to the dental software scene after years of absence. Hey; we've been together since way back when, and we've proven that we're with you for the long haul.

Our philosophy has always been that "one size does NOT fit all" and your management software should fit your practice, not the other way around. Based on that premise, we offer three different products (Basic, Standard and Gold) to meet each office's needs and budget. All of our products have an intensive system setup module, that lets each office configure the program to use features and functions according to their individual tastes. Since 1986 we have valued the input of our users, and still provide custom changes based on client requests (typically at no additional charge). And although we develop our products on the Mac, we continue to support the MS Windows platform; Dental Office Manager Studio is cross-platform and will run on either Mac or Windows.

We invite you to join us for a closer look at our latest and greatest, Dental Office Manager Studio!

Questions/comments, call toll free 800-727-7543, e-mail us at, or Click here for our Information Request Form. If you have any questions on the Dental Office Manager software, please don't hesitate to call on our toll free number.

For questions or comments concerning this web site, please contact our Web Site Administrator, or Click here for our Web Site Feedback Form.

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